Service Technician Apprenticeship

This role covers a wide range of specialisms and skills. For example, you will work on both cars and light commercial vehicles. You will also gain the skills in vehicle electrics and electronics, which is becoming even more important as the technology in our vehicles becomes even more advanced. Other aspects can involve routine maintenance of vehicles for example carrying out routine servicing and replacement of certain vehicle components, replacing tyres and carrying out wheel balancing and wheel alignment.

Although the levels of skill may vary they are all jobs which require concentrated, physical activity.

In some cases you may be relying on your in-depth knowledge of a vehicle and its systems. But you will also use state of the art high-tech diagnostic equipment to investigate vehicle faults and then use a range of tools to remove, replace or repair faulty or worn components.

Technicians usually enjoy these jobs because they like being around cars.

They can gain the respect of their friends for being able to sort out breakdowns and they get satisfaction from being able to put right something that's gone wrong. There is usually a good atmosphere in the dealership and workshop. People work by themselves but are also part of a team. And there are equal opportunities for males and females.

Main Tasks

Skills Required

Entry Requirements

England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 3 GCSEs at A-C, in Maths and English

Scotland: 3 Standard Grades at General/Credit level.

These qualifications will give you the ability to be able to go on and develop the other specific knowledge and skills you need in today's retail motor industry.


During your time on the apprenticeship programme you will be:


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